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What Size of Bin Should I Rent?

When you have decided how much garbage you have, then it is simply about choosing the right size of bin to use. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide which bin size is right for you:

Mini-Bin Sizes:

17 Cu Yards
For garbage clean-up and renovations, it’s easy to load (14′ long x 8′ wide x 4′ tall)

17 Cu Yards
Good for roofing renovations and garbage clean-up (12′ long x 8′ wide x 5′ tall)

21 Cu Yards
For garbage the size of a large pickup Plus++ (14′ long x 8′ wide x 5′ tall)

25 Cu Yards
Great for house clean outs or bigger projects (14′ long x 8′ wide x 6′ tall)

What can I put in the bin?

When we say “all in” we mean “all in” but we do require non-garbage (recyclable items) to be placed on top or at the back door so our driver can sort at the landfill.

If you can load it, we can dump it! All items need to be inside the bin, not overflowing and the back door needs to close securely.

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How long do I have to load my bin?

You can rent any of our mini-bins for:

  • 1-8 days
  • Additional days are 12.50/day

If you need a mini-bin for a longer period of time, please contact our office and we will work out a solution with you

What are Recyclable Items?

It is required that you inform us if you are disposing of any of the following items as they have an extra charge associated with their disposal. Disposal costs are directly from RDNO Recycling Fees. Please inform us at time of pick-up so we can adjust your billing.

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These items are a separate load:

  • Masonry items (Brick, Concrete, Asphalt, and Asphalt Shingles)
  • Dirt, rocks or boulders.
  • Drywall

These items can be loaded along with garbage:

(Please place these items at the back gate when loading your bin.)

  • Appliances (Dishwashers, Stoves, Washers & Dryers, Fridges, Freezers & Water Coolers, Air Conditioners,) or any item containing Freon.
  • TV’s, Stereos or any electronics.

The following items can be placed on top of the load:

  • Mattresses and/or box springs
  • Tires

Can we have our bin loaded for us?

Absolutely. You can request the help needed when ordering your bin. Our staff arrive at the time of bin delivery to do the loading for you, all you do is point and we load. Please call us for pricing.

Do you have a pickup truck for small loads?

Yes. Our pickup truck has high sides and our driver will load for you. This is a you-point and we load service commonly used for removal of appliances or whatever garbage you may have. We also have a 1-ton deck truck with 4-foot high sides. It hauls three times the capacity of a pickup truck and is also a you-point, we load service.

How big of a job can you do?

We have recently cleaned up an estate acreage, which took seven days, four to five men each day and 14 x 21 yard bin loads to dump. We had thirteen cars and trucks to recycle and four buildings were cleaned out and swept. We accomplished all this with our equipment and manpower and turned a mess into an acreage ready for sale!

What types of cleanup jobs can you do?

  • Small loads – pickup truck
  • More than a small load – 1-ton deck truck
  • Downsizing and house content
  • Undesirable tenant and dilapidated house content and yard cleanup
  • Estate acreages and farms – vehicles, equipment and building contents


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What are your services areas?

Vernon and all rural areas, Lake Country, Armstrong, Enderby, Lumby, Cherryville and Sicamous. We charge $1.15/km outside the Vernon city limits.

What areas do you service for large cleanup jobs?

For large farm estate cleanups we will travel to Revelstoke, Osoyoos and more. If you have a large cleanup that needs doing, call All In Bin Rentals’ office at (250) 260-1900. Our services can make a big difference in the sale of an estate!